Arnold on campaign donations: Speaking on the "Eric Hogue Show" on radio station KTKZ in Sacramento, the Republican movie actor drew a distinction between contributions from organized labor and Indian gambling tribes -- traditionally Democratic givers he called "real big, powerful special interests" -- and corporate donors. "Any of those kinds of real big, powerful special interests, if you take money from them, you owe them something," he said. Any corporate money he takes is irrelevant, Schwarzenegger said, because he wouldn't be influenced by it. "There are maybe corporations and companies that maybe the press identifies and says, 'Well that is a big company, they want certain things,' " he said, adding, "I don't promise anyone anything. There's no strings attached to anything." The simplest of many refutations of this silly and self-serving argument: Unions and tribes, unlike corporations, donate money to only one candidate per race. On a related note, it's interesting how having worked for non-profit organizations devoted to, say, advancing economic justice or civil liberties is tainting in an election, while having worked for corporations, that, say named the oil tanker Condoleeza Rice after you is not.

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