Yesterday, Yale cancelled negotiations at the last minute, supposedly in order to take their time reviewing the proposal from Locals 34 and 35 Tuesday, which significantly decreased wage demands, scaled back the Local 34 job security language, and dropped proposals on a range of auxillary issues, as well as codifying at the table what was already (especially since they offered binding arbitration) abundantly clear: that 34 (Clerical and Technical Workers) and 35 (Food Service and Maintenance Workers) will settle without GESO (Graduate Student Teaching Assistants and Researchers) or 1199 (Yale - New Haven Hospital Workers). This is after the unions reduced their proposed pension modifier by about seven times Yale's increase in its pension proposal. This morning, after building up suspense, what did Yale's negotiators bring to the table? A minor job security improvement that would compensate a select group of workers with a week's severance pay for every year of work and extend by a few months the time that another subset of the Local remains in the hiring pool after being fired. Yale continues to insist, as it has for months, that it doesn't want a strike. As the 27th draws forward, those words only become more hollow.

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