Zach reports on the demonstration today by Locals 34 and 35 in response to Yale's "signing bonus" sham: Today at noon, hundreds ( Jay Driskell and i estimated somewhere between 300 and 500) of workers in Local 35 and Local 34 gathered in front of woodbridge hall to present president levin with invoices for the retro pay Yale's stealing from them. The invoices are stamped "past due" and read "Please immediately remit payment of my retroactive salary increase in the amount of $[insert amount here]. This amount represents payment due to me for my loyal, dedicated service to yale... Your offer of $1500 is unnacceptable and insufficient to cover the services rendered. Failure to remit full payment as due will result in further serious action. Levin didn't have enough respect for the workers - or evidently didn't feel that the crisis was serious enough - to warrant coming out and talking to people. Instead, he made Nina Glickson stand outside the front steps and collect the invoices of several hundred workers...In the next few hours hundreds more invoices will be faxed in. Negotiations resume at 3pm. The Yale Daily News (hereafter YDN) is back in business with a, in all fairness, relatively balanced piece on negotiations and the upcoming strike. As is often the case, the biggest fault is in the information that's missing - this time, first, that while negotiations didn't restart until August 12, the unions have been calling for intensive negotiations to begin for months; second, that while Yale tripled it's "signing bonus," that bonus still represents between 0 and 40%, depending on the worker, of the retroactive pay that Yale removed from the table. Fortunately, the men and women who work at Yale know better than to go by what they read in the YDN. The rest of us in the Yale community should all as well.

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