Bob Kerrey writes an panegyric to the median voter theorem disguised as a call to political courage: So, show me the person, like Mr. Lieberman, who has angered a partisan Democratic audience with an unpopular idea and you have someone with what it takes to be our next president. And the next time you jump to your feet with applause for a candidate who says what you want to hear, remember that you may be leading them -- rather than the other way around. God forbid the agenda of a Democratic Presidential candidate should be influenced by Black people, poor people, the labor movement, and those other "special interests." Good thing after Kerrey lost the primary in 1992 we were saved from having the standard bearer of the Democratic party be someone who dismantles the values and institutions of the New Deal in the name of political maturity and sees leadership in turning away from the constituencies which represent the base of the party and its moral compass - oh, wait...

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