Zach agrees that to see the Editorial Board of the YDN slamming University Properties for the vision for New Haven suggested by replacing a supermarket with a specialty running gear store, but faults me for not noting that they passed up the opportunity to Yale's entire colonial project in the city. I guess I figured that was assumed until noted otherwise. I mean, I'd like to see the YDN come out for dismantling the Yale Corporation and replacing it with a Worker's Co-operative, but they're even less likely to give me that than that pony I asked them for (not that I'd have anywhere to put it). As I see it, for an editorial board closely aligned with and fairly uniformly supportive of the leadership of this University to take it to task for acting like New Haven belongs only to "upper-middle-class Yalies, wealthy suburbanites and runners who demand a certain kind of windpants," is a real victory and a bad sign for Yale's colonial project.

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