Linda Mason, who sits on the Yale Corporation and its sub-committee specifically responsible for the perpetuation of labor policies threatening the economic security and family life of working mothers' families, received some deserved criticism last year when she wrote a book calling "A Working Mother's Guide to Life" with chapters on topics like "Making Your Nanny Your Friend." Her hypocrisy was dramatized last year when working class working mothers from Yale's Local 34 and GESO showed up uninvited at her book reception with the rest of the Corporation. Yesterday, moms and kids showed up to a public talk Mason was giving and challenged her, as head of a lucrative child care business, to pursue workable child care opportunities for Yale employees. Let's hope this time she takes the message to heart. Meanwhile, GESO has released a new report on the state of diversity among Yale's graduate students and faculty, and the YDN considers the progress yet to be made on Yale's commitment in the strike settlement to expanding job access to Latinos.

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