Alderman Ben Healey endorses Alyssa Rosenberg and Shaneane Ragin's campaign for Ward 22 Co-Chairs: The best campaigns are about more than the people on the ballot. In the case of Ward 22, Alyssa Rosenberg, a sophomore in Silliman College, and Shaneane Ragin, a Dixwell resident, represent the possibility for real cooperation between Yale students and Dixwell. An effort like Shaneane and Alyssa's campaign for Democratic Party Ward Co-chairwomen has never happened in New Haven. Not once have a Yale student and a member of the Dixwell community chosen to become running mates, to work together as co-equal partners in a joint and concerted effort to make the neighborhood stronger. It is only fitting that these two young women should be two of New Haven's youngest office seekers. They are the future of this city. Their campaign is a partnership between students and New Haven residents that has the power to make lasting change.


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