Howard Dean ends - not suspends - his Presidential campaign, and commits himself and his supporters to continue building a movement to transform American politics: I am no longer actively pursuing the presidency. We will, however, continue to build a new organization using our enormous grass-roots network to continue the effort to transform the Democratic Party and to change our country." ...We will change the face of democracy so that it represents ordinary Americans once again — government that will not be bought and sold. We are not going away. We are staying together, unified, all of us. ...The bottom line is that we must beat George W. Bush in November, whatever it takes...We have exposed the dangerous radical nature of George W. Bush's agenda. We have demonstrated to other Democrats it is a far better strategy to stand up to the right-wing agenda of George W. Bush than it is to cooperate with it. We have led this party back to considering what its heart and soul is, although there is a lot of work left to do.


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