OneWorld South Asia reports that children in Nepal are organizing against child labor: At the recently concluded Nepali Children's National Consultation for Children's World Congress on Child Labor, 12-year-old child worker representative Menu Thapa, remarked that, "We are not safe in our households or in the street. There is an urgent need to take steps to eliminate child labor and protect us." While children in urban areas are subjected to various forms of labor, minors in villages are unsafe in their own neighborhood because of the Maoist insurgency. Recently, volunteers of the NGO, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN), rescued Devendra Tamang, 12, a domestic servant, lying in a Kathmandu street on a bitingly cold winter morning. Tamang, who now stays at CWIN's child shelter home, was severely beaten before he was thrown out of the house at midnight. Another child Ramu Karki, 11, who worked as a helper in a private bus, was rescued by CWIN's volunteer from a public park. Karki, who had high fever, was close to death.


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