The Stop and Shop strike has been averted: Charette said a key union victory was to fend off proposals by the company that employees begin to shoulder some of their health insurance costs. The company will continue to pay for 100 percent of health insurance under the proposed agreement, he said. 'I hope the message that leaves here ... is: listen, somebody has to take a moral stance, somebody has to take a fair stance, somebody has to know that these people work week to week and somebody has to give them health care because they can't afford it,' he said. 'We're relieved and happy with this situation now. Nobody wanted to strike,' said Mary Daley, a worker in the Dedham store. 'Every negotiation is give and take, but we took more than they got from us,' said Brian Petronella, vice president of Local 371, based in Westport, Conn. 'In these terrible times in the retail food industry, this is a great agreement. This is the best anybody could do in these times.'"


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