Another progressive realizes that Hillary Clinton is not, alas, the fellow traveller that Rush Limbaugh makes her out to be. Only this time it's the leader of a campaign to draft her for President. Last week he called her on it: ...Kunst, who is gay, sent a letter to Clinton urging her to reconsider her position. "Daily, I have had to defend your lifestyle with Bill and why you didn't throw him out of the house altogether. But love is stronger than anyone else's politics, and it is your business and no one else's," Kunst wrote. Clinton's camp had no comment. The Clintons have too long gotten away with a two-ring circus bait-and-switch operation, in which the one in office (first Bill, now Hillary) is a hardened pragmatic moderate, and the one out of office (first Hillary, now Bill) is a sentimental bleeding heart. Whether the issue is Middle East Policy or Welfare Reform, the sheer ugliness of the conservative attacks on Hillary have largely insulated her from criticism for her betrayals of a segment of the Democratic base that insists, despite her record, on seeing her as the progressive icon the opposition makes her out to be.


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