NewAlliance Bancshares Update: The Hartford Courant explores who's cashing in on the NewAlliance Bancshares - and who isn't: Consider the numbers: Among the 23,000 account-holders who signed up, individuals could seek as many as 70,000 shares, and families with joint accounts could put in an order for 210,000, worth $2.1 million. The average request was about $44,000. If even a small percentage of the buyers take large allotments, that means many of the people buying newly issued stock in this urban community bank will have bought just a few token shares. Worse, as many as 53,000 depositors and their familes didn't take part at all. I'd venture a guess that many of them are like New Haven great-grandmother Lorraine Grasso, a customer since 1943. "I just can't afford to buy them, that's all," Grasso said. "I don't have the money to spare. If I had money to buy, sure I would have bought some."


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