Taiwan's President and Vice-President, who tomorrow will face an election against challengers less willing to assert Taiwan's autonomy, were shot today while campaigning but have both survived: The injuries were not life-threatening and neither Chen nor Lu lost consciousness or required surgery, officials said. The Reuters news agency said they were released from the hospital several hours later...Authorities said there were no immediate arrests and declined to speculate on a possible motive for the attack. The apparent assassination attempt occurred as the crowds were setting off firecrackers in celebration... An emotional crowd gathered quickly outside the hospital where Chen was taken as well around his campaign headquarters in Taipei, but Chiou and other leaders of Chen's pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party appealed for calm and called on supporters not to stage any demonstrations. Chen's opponent in the presidential race, Nationalist Party leader Lien Chan, condemned the attack and also urged his supporters to remain cool. Both parties suspended campaign activities, canceling huge rallies that had been scheduled in various cities across Taiwan. But officials said the election was expected to proceed as scheduled on Saturday.


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