Human Rights Watch warns that sanctioning the Janjaweed alone will not stop the killing in Darfur without sanctioning their enablers in government as well: The U.N. Security Council should take immediate steps to protect civilians in Darfur and impose sanctions on Sudanese officials as well as government-backed militias, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Security Council members ahead of a resolution on the crisis in Sudan?s western Darfur region. A draft resolution proposed by the United States considers the situation in Darfur to be a threat to international peace and security under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter. The text calls on the Sudanese government to disarm the Janjaweed militias it has armed and supported. It also imposes travel and arms sanctions on members of the Janjaweed, but fails to extend these sanctions to the government officials backing these militias. “Disarming the Janjaweed would be a crucial step in protecting civilians in Darfur, but Khartoum has flagrantly broken its earlier promises to neutralize them,” said Jemera Rone, Sudan researcher for Human Rights Watch’s Africa Division. “The Sudanese government continues to use these militias to carry out ‘ethnic cleansing.’ Now the Security Council must be prepared to intervene with more muscle.”


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