John Kerry seizes the Kropotkin Schwartz-Weinstein vote from Ralph Nader: I voted for Nader in 2000, albeit in a district (New Haven's first ward) where Nader beat Bush and Gore beat both by a huge landslide and in a state which Gore carried easily. Had i not voted for Nader, i would not have voted, because 1) Gore was running a right wing campaign i, as an anarchist, would never have been able to support, and 2)as a New York resident then transplanted to New Haven, Connecticut, my vote wouldn't have made a difference no matter who i voted for. I ultimately voted not because i was enthusiastic about Nader - i was and remain deeply skeptical about electoral models of social change, and Nader's latest campaign has made concessions to the far right on the critical issue of immigration, employing the discourse of "absorbtion rates" and illegality, which i find completely unnaceptable. I voted in the 2000 election because i felt like it, and i didn't vote again until 2003, when i voted for Vic Edgerton's ward 9 alder campaign...In the 2004 election, i will vote, i think, even though my vote will mean nothing in this election, because George W. Bush is a fascist and voting him out is just one more of many nonviolent ways in which i plan to tell his administration to do what Mr Cheney urged Senator Leahy to pursue on the senate floor last month. And i'll vote for Kerry, not Nader, because this time around i think the Nader campaign is, as i have said, deeply problematic, because i don't trust him any more than i trust Kerry (which is not very much at all, and because my vote means nothing either way, and because Kerry supports Card Check Neutrality agreements which the Bush recess appointee-stacked NLRB is threatening to rule against. Everyone involved with Raplh Nader's campaign should be asking, "Who lost Zach?"


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