More killing in Iraq:
Car bombs rocked Iraq's two holiest Shiite cities Sunday, killing at least 58 people and wounding more than 95, while in downtown Baghdad dozens of gunmen carried out a brazen ambush that killed three Iraqi employees of the organization running next month's elections. The bombings came just over an hour apart. First, a suicide blast ripped through minibuses at the entrance of the main bus station in the city of Karbala. Then a car bomb went off in a central square of Najaf crowded with people watching a funeral proccession, also attended by the city police chief and provincial governor. The violence was the latest in an insurgent campaign to disrupt the crucial Jan. 30 elections, the first national polls since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The car bomb in Najaf detonated in central Maidan Square where a large crowd of people had gathered for the funeral procession of a tribal sheik -- about 100 yards from where Gov. Adnan al-Zurufi and police chief Ghalib al-Jazaari were standing. Youssef Munim, head of the statistics department at Najaf's al-Hakim Hospital, said 30 people were killed by the explosion and 65 were wounded. But an Associated Press reporter who entered the hospital's morgue counted 45 people killed by the blast.


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