Trying to placate the Hill community without actually negotiating with them, Yale-New Haven Hospital announces a partial response to some of CORD's demands:
The hospital announced the program this past Friday, the same day it submitted formal plans for the cancer center to New Haven's Board of Aldermen. The proposal includes a building with retail, office and garage space and a new office and laboratory building, bringing the project's total cost to $530 million. As part of the community benefits, the hospital will fund new housing development, increase paid internships and college scholarships for city students, organize construction apprenticeships for New Haven residents, help fund existing youth programs, and provide $40,000 of additional day care for low income families in the Hill neighborhood. District 3 Alderwoman Jacqueline James, who represents the Hill neighborhood where the center will be constructed, said the current investments proposal is insufficient because the hospital did not collaborate with community leaders in its formulation. Though the proposal includes benefits suggested by Community Organized for Responsible Development, a local alliance with ties to a union at odds with Yale-New Haven, the group's leaders said the hospital has not fully compromised with city residents. CORD organizer Rev. Scott Marks said the hospital has refused to negotiate CORD's benefits agreement, which is based on a poll of about 800 Hill residents.
Clearly the Hospital has figured out that it can't get away with simply stonewalling. Hopefully they'll realize next that their neighbors, and their elected officials, aren't prepared to settle until everyone with a stake in the result has a seat at the table.


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