Erin on feminism and the seder:
But, though the orange on my seder plate will honor the contributions of gay and lesbians to Jewish communal life, my Jewish lesbian sisters still struggle to find acceptance within our own community and within American society. And though my Miriam’s Cup will honor the prophetic call of Jewish women, this voice is too often ignored or—worse--silenced?). Today, four and a half months into the new year, women in the United States will finally reach the earnings mark that their male counterparts achieved in 2004. As Martha Burk, head of the National Council of Women's Organizations, writes “Dubbed ‘Pay Inequity Awareness Day,’ April 19 reminds us that the 60 million working women in this country are suffering economically because equal pay still is not a reality.” Forty years after the Pay Equity Act was passed, women still make 76 cents for every dollar a men earn. For American women, 40 years in the desert may have brought us further away from Egypt, but we’re still far from the Promised Land. This is the time in the Jewish year when we think both about our people’s experience in slavery and remember the wonder of our liberation. It’s my hope that in this season of our redemption, we remember those who are still wandering in the desert. May we say not only b'shana haba b'yerushaleym, next year in Jerusalem, but also b’shana haba, b’ tzedek, next year, justice.


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