In the spirit of Pesach (and in protest of James Dobson's "Justice Sunday"), a favorite Seder commentary:
And so it is related of Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Joshua, Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah, Rabbi Akiba, and Rabbi Tarfon, that they once met on the night of Passover in B'nai B'rak and continued discussing the departure from Mitzra-yim so far into the night that they forgot what time it was till their students came and said, "Teachers, it is already time to read the morning Sh'ma!" But there is another story about this story. It is said that when the five rabbis met that night, nineteen hundred years ago, they were stirred by the story of Passover to talk about how to throw off the tyranny of the Roman Empire. And they told their students to let them know at once if the Roman troops came into the neighborhood — to let them know by a code phrase about the morning prayer. So the story goes that they planned a rebellion that night. For when we are slaves, we must talk, but we must do more than talk.


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