A brief aside: Lest anyone missed it, note (belatedly) Gawker's delicious appraisal of the entire paradox of the New York Times: Match the excerpt to the source. Half are from from the Times’ current series on class. The others are from from their advertising kit. The results may surprise you — no cheating!
1)”Being born in the elite in the U.S. gives you a constellation of privileges that very few people in the world have ever experienced,” Professor Levine said. “Being born poor in the U.S. gives you disadvantages unlike anything in Western Europe and Japan and Canada.” 2)Affluent U.S. readers of the New York Times are 39% more likely than the average affluent adult to hold a college or postgraduate degree, 90% more likely to have a household income exceeding $150,000 and 46% more likely to be a top manager.


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