Zach on Yale's announced termination of David Graeber for "lack of collegiality":
So David Graeber, "small-a" anarchist anthropologist and global justice movement ethnographer, was effectively fired by Yale University last week in a climate in which members of his department had refused to speak to him and had already sought to fire him for his (anti)political affiliations and activities. The powderkeg in this most recent development seems to have been Graeber's support for a GESO organizer (who was in Hazel Carby's class with me last year) whom some senior faculty were trying to expel for reasons related to her organizing...That he is being targetted not because of his scholarly work, which is beyond reproach, but rather because of his defense of the GESO member and his activist praxis and organizing is admitted even by those seeking to give him the proverbial boot. This is extremely scary and extremely fucked up. Like 1996 all over again. As an anarchist about to enter a PhD candidacy, i'm understandably looking at this fight as self-preservation. If you haven't done so already, you'd best sign the petition.
The petition is here, and the website supporting Graeber is here.


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