My hard-core jealousy of the people of Wisconsin for having the representation of Russ Feingold (D-WI) is no secret here. Neither is my (significantly diminished for '08 in light of his recent divorce news, but still springing eternal) hope to see him run for President. If somehow he did seize that nomination, there's a decent chance he'd be squaring off against another Senator, Sam Brownback (R-KS), who in the wake of Bill Frist's filibuster semi-implosion and Rick Santorum's likely '06 defeat has an excellent claim to the loyalties of religious conservatives. A Feingold-Brownback face-off would be a delight to watch, not only because we would win, but because it would provide a real clash of alternative visions and ideologies which, if you haven't noticed, is not the main thing for which US Presidential elections are famous. But it would also be memorable (remember, you heard it hear first) for another striking but as-yet un-remarked upon (until now) reason. Russ Feingold and Sam Brownback look like the same person. That's right. What they lack in ideological similarity, they make up in similar appearance. Sam Brownback looks like a slightly more awkward, slightly less attractive Russ Feingold. Don't believe me? Decide for yourself: Feingold and Brownback: You can tell their abortion stances apart - unlike their har-cuts. Just remember: You saw it here first.


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