(The first in an intermittent series of round-ups of progressive thought from print and on-line media, with hopes of better contenting the pro-block quote and anti-block quote blocs among our readership) Jo-Ann Mort: "the fact is that in progressive circles, where it's considered unacceptable to be racist, homophobic,anti-environment or anti-feminist, it's been okay to cross picket lines, look down on service and blue collar workers, and frequent anti-union businesses and purchase anti-union goods." Matt Yglesias: "Every once in a long while, there comes along a brave white person -- employed by other white persons, writing primarily for an audience of white people, in a country dominated by white people -- with the courage to demand that national policy be shifted in a manner more favorable to the interests of white people." John Lewis: "Some Americans believe that when the founding fathers declared this a democratic republic, our task was done. But democracy is not a state, it is an act."


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