Matt Taibbi: "Man travels to India, plays golf, sees Pizza Hut billboard, listens to Indian CEO mutter small talk, writes 470-page book reversing the course of 2000 years of human thought. That he misattributes his thesis to Nilekani is perfect: Friedman is a person who not only speaks in malapropisms, he also hears malapropisms. Told level; heard flat." Will: "At a bus stop in Surda an angry young man with a Palestinian flag on his T-shirt throws a rock at me and misses. Outside a pizza joint in West Jerusalem an angry young man with an orange ribbon on his backpack throws a bottle at me and misses." Geoffrey Stone: "A democratic society must protect itself against violent attack, but it cannot do so by preventing its citizens from hearing even sinister criticism that defends the use of violence." Katha Pollitt: "Exposing the constraints on women's choices, however, is only one side of feminism. The other is acknowledging women as moral agents, trusting women to decide what is best for themselves. For [Feminists for Life] there's only one right decision: Have that baby."


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