Are we meta, or what? Nathan Newman's labor news round-up brings together stories on the implications of the AFL-CIO split, its local impact, future organizing opportunities, state law, and the international movement. The Bellman's zwichenzug followed up that round-up with a labor blogging round-up of his own, bringing together a range of views on issues from the historical meaning of the split to open-source unionism to the UAW's endorsement (this site makes it in there too). Now that the cries of the people (both of them) have brought the reign of the ubiquitous block-quotes to an end on this site, I'll just plead with you, kind reader, to follow those links.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

www.futureoftheunion.com is a great UAW resource, thanks for listing it.

9/26/2005 03:57:00 AM  

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