I am not being cute when I say that I have no idea how this article made it into the paper of record. It's like someone set out to write a not very relevant or interesting article, lost interest halfway through, and accidentally posted it on the website of the New York Times. Oops. That's the American Dream: Someday you too can become famous enough that when you and someone else famous you're friends with support different primary candidates, that's news - even (maybe especially) if you have no comment on it. What's the story here: That Oprah and Maya Angelou could prefer different politicians? That being friends hasn't swayed one of them to change her endorsement? That making clashing endorsements hasn't ended their friendship?


Blogger alek said...

...that Maya Angelou's vague description of black women "multitasking" their way across America's hills and streets reminds us all how bad a poet she is? That Oprah's shocking decision to "go out on a limb" by supporting Obama before the primary (!!!!) reminds us how self-centered her opinions are?

7/24/2007 03:38:00 PM  

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