Boycott Boston Market: Boston Market purchases its mashed potatoes from a manufacturer called Chef Solutions. Chef Solutions has more than a dozen plants across the country. At one of them, located in North Haven, Connecticut, employees have endured years of severe abuse of their labor and civil rights. The national Chef Solutions corporation has funded and directed the anti-union efforts against these employees. Because the national corporation has refused to admit guilt or take meaningful corrective action to remedy these abuses, it is the national headquarters that is the target of the consumer boycott. After the union provided documentation to many of Chef Solutions' customers, a number of them agreed to meet with the UAW to learn more about the situation, and some have even decided not to renew contracts with Chef Solutions. Boston Market, however, has refused to even meet to learn more. To know about these violations, to be in a position to support these employees, but to take no action makes Boston Market as immoral and unethical as the management committing the acts.


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