The top story in today's YDN is an additional million dollars in state cuts to New Haven's already anemic budget. Looks like the cuts will fall on education: "The issue is whether anyone's willing to trade off the number of cops or firemen or aides in kindergartens," DeStefano said. 'That's the choice here, and how it all sorts out is what the process is going to be all about." City officials said they worried that proposed allocations for the state's Education Cost Sharing program -- approved by the General Assembly's Appropriations Committee last month -- will leave the city in difficult fiscal straits despite increased funding to compensate New Haven for certain tax-exempt properties... "If the state budget goes through, Dr. Mayo is going to have to make some choices over at the Board of Education," said Healey, a Democrat who represents much of the Yale campus. "I think the impact will come, unfortunately, in the school system."


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