Jacob points out Wonkette's posting of Dana Milbank's "pool reports" attempting to track President Bush during his time in New Haven and coming up pretty much dry. Note how much time he spends on Yale eratta like this: The president made his way into 43 Hillhouse, the Yale president's house, built by railroad magnate Henry Farnham in 1871. It was a High Victorian Gothic Structure remodeled into a Georgian Revival in 1937. . The building is a few doors down from 37 Hillhouse, where young George H.W. and Barbara Bush lived when he was an undergraduate at Yale in the mid 1940s, around the time our current Potus was born. Your pool, however, is in neither. We are in 34 Hillhouse, called Henry R. Luce Hall. Unfortunately there is no magazine pooler on board today to appreciate this. Then compare it to his coverage of an incident of actual conflict in his narrative: About 100 demonstrators were visible to the motorcade, waving signs such as "Torture is a crime against humanity/Shame on the U.S." and "Executioner Bush" and "Resist this Endless War." Wouldn't want to take the time to talk to any of them, would we? Better to keep focused on the history of Yale's architecture. Ah, the liberal media...


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