Our right-wing friends have made outrageous attempts to claim the mantle of MLK an MLK Day tradition. But this attempt by Ron Paul's supporters should still make your blood boil. Makes you wonder whether Ron Paul's 10,000+ MLK Day donors are ignorant that MLK was gunned down marching with sanitation workers striking to demanding a union to win safety on the job when libertarians would tell them to suck it up or go work somewhere else. Makes you wonder whether they're indifferent that MLK faced death threats because he demanded government intervention against bigotry while good libertarians decried civil rights laws as tyranny. It also makes you wonder whether they missed that issue of Ron Paul's newsletter describing Martin Luther King as
the man who replaced the evil of forced segregation with the evil of forced integration...not only a world-class adulterer, he also seduced underage girls and boys...lying socialist satyr...


Blogger Ms. Miller said...

I almost shed a tear at this synergy, so many years in the making, of Kirchick and Eidelson.

2/04/2008 08:48:00 PM  
Blogger Josh Eidelson said...

Turns out Ron Paul is the real uniter in the race.

2/05/2008 01:02:00 AM  

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