The Boston Freedom Riders were here in New Haven last night for a beautiful and inspirational service. As the YDN reported: Immigrants like Vaquerano said they will try their best to promote freedom democracy, and that they need to see a change. "Everyday I cry, my heart cries," Vaquerano said. "God made us all equal -- we are all brothers and sisters. I look on our bus, and all of us are different colors, but when I look at us, how beautiful we are. That's what God created." Tonight, these freedom riders had a potluck and celebration in Philadelphia with many of the people I was privileged to work with this summer. Tomorrow night, they and several hundred others will converge in DC to prepare to spend Thursday lobbying for a renewal of the vision which brought my grandparents and great-grandparents to this nation. The students buses to New York for the culminating rally on Saturday are filling up quickly - now's the time to reserve your ticket for Saturday. Or, as the Rev. David Lee would say, "10-4!"

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