Perhaps in anticipation of their departure at the end of the week, the YDN Editorial Board has printed an unusually articulate, compelling, and critical editorial in today's paper, discussing University Properties' choice to replace Krauzner's on York Street: We fear, in particular, that Sound Runner's inapplicability to much of the community, apart from the serious runners in need of serious running clothing among us, reflects University Properties' questionable motives for its selection of what retailers and restaurants fit best in the area surrounding Yale. The coming of this retailer typifies a development scheme that seems aimed to serve a dual purpose in the city: gentrifying for the sake of an image and further narrowing the level of clientele who will be drawn to the area. Despite what the newly unveiled roster of stores may seem to indicate, Broadway and New Haven are not just commercial destinations for upper-middle-class Yalies, wealthy suburbanites and runners who demand a certain kind of windpants. If Yale's vision for New Haven is drawing the ire of the Yale Daily News (as well as Republican economists), one wonders what kind of support it has left...

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