SEIU Local 1199 is bringing a class action law-suit against against Yale - New Haven and Bridgeport Hospitals for aggressively dogging low-income sick people for medical bills while failing to inform them of their right to access to the state-funded free-bed fund designed to help ensure access to healthcare for the unemployed and working poor. The YDN headline calls the suit the "latest indicator of ongoing tension." The source of tension, of course, is Yale - New Haven's continued refusal to deal justly with the New Haven Community, be it its unionized workers still laboring without a contract, its non-union workers struggling to organize in an environment which spawned multiple NLRB settlements, or the working-class patients it aims to serve. The leadership of Yale - New Haven Hospital is also the driving force behind the New Haven Savings Bank conversion plot, and the main beneficiary should their get-rich-quick scheme succeed. This week depositors also filed a class action lawsuit against the conversion, which would rob New Haven of its communal bank without a vote by its depositor-owners. As 1199 spokesman Bill Meyerson told the YDN: The same group of individuals that are denying depositors a vote on what happens to their bank -- denying them a right of the profits and surpluses of the bank through this conversion plan -- sit on the hospital board of trustees, and are making the decisions about suing patients with inadequate insurance for the so-called crime of being sick and uninsured...it's about the accountability of a select powerful group who run vital institutions in this community.

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