Back in Pennsylvania, far-right challenger Pat Toomey (the bizarro Dennis Kucinich) is gaining on five-term Senator Arlen Specter (the bizarro Joe Lieberman - actually, much the same as Joe Lieberman) with four days before Tuesday's primary: Political analysts and aides in both campaigns said they expected turnout to be relatively low, a factor that experts said could favor Mr. Toomey. A staunch fiscal and social conservative, Mr. Toomey, 42, is more likely to appeal to the dedicated conservatives who tend to vote in Republican primaries. With that in mind, Mr. Specter's campaign is preparing to deploy hundreds of campaign workers this weekend, particularly in Mr. Specter's base in the Philadelphia suburbs. Those workers will be focusing on carefully identified undecided voters: moderates and former Democrats who may be attracted to his more centrist voting record. I'd call the November election for my Democratic former Congressman, Joe Hoeffel, either way, which would make it one of a few potential Democratic pick-ups in the Senate. Hoefell, alas, is more of an Arlen Specter than, say, a Barack Obama. But it would be progress.


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