Pottery Barn corrects Colin Powell: Supposedly Powell warned Bush that if he sent U.S. troops to Iraq, "you're going to be owning this place." That was based on what Powell and his deputy Richard Armitage called "the Pottery Barn rule" of "you break it, you own it." The real Pottery Barn has no such rule. And it's a bit weary of Powell's remarks being quoted in newspaper and television reports the last few days. "This is very, very far from a policy of ours," said Leigh Oshirak, public relations director for the brand, owned by Williams-Sonoma Inc. of San Francisco. "In the rare instance that something is broken in the store, it's written off as a loss." Given, one of so many examples, how little we hear about Afghanistan these days, the actual Pottery Barn rule may be exactly the operating policy of the US government.


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