Feingold introduces legislation demanding that Congress come up with a universal healthcare plan:
The Feingold-Graham bill requires Congress to act on a bill that provides health coverage to at least 95% of Americans in ten years while not increasing the national deficit. While the Feingold-Graham bill does not specify the type of health care reform measure that should be debated, Feingold favors a state-based approach to health care reform, where the federal government would be a partner with the states by providing the flexibility, resources and tools necessary for states to make sure that all of their residents have health care coverage. This approach would achieve universal health care without the federal government dictating to states exactly how to do it. "As I travel around Wisconsin, one of the topics that comes up most often is the exploding cost of health care coverage for both businesses and families, and the impact those costs have on our economy and on access to care" Feingold said. "It has been over 10 years since the last serious debate over health care reform was killed by special interests and the soft money contributions they used to corrupt the legislative process. We need to help ease the burden of rising health care costs on Wisconsin business and families because the weight of the status quo is limiting businesses' ability to expand their workforce and create jobs. It is time to make health care reform a priority -- businesses and families cannot afford further delay."


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