Wal-Mart Watch: Angling for better results in Chicago than Inglewood, Wal-Mart sets out to negotiate a Code of Conduct: In Chicago, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881 mobilized community, labor, religious and civic support against the destructive impact of the superstores, local spokeswoman Elizabeth Drake says. The city council zoning committee threw several roadblocks in front of Wal-Mart's planned West Side superstore, with another panel meeting scheduled for April 20... As a result of the pressure and publicity in Chicago, Wal-Mart's Midwestern director talked with presidents of both Local 881 and the Chicago Federation of Labor about a proposed corporate responsibility contract. That's a first, Drake adds. "The groups have finalized a community benefits agreement" for Wal-Mart to sign, Drake explained. The pact would commit the firm "not to do things they have done elsewhere," such as rock-bottom wages with skimpy and unaffordable health benefits.


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