June 19th, health care voters from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge will stand together for a National Day of Action to bridge the gap in health care coverage. As Andy Stern writes: Our health care system is in crisis. And as the nation's largest health care union, SEIU has a special responsibility to lead the fight for quality, affordable health care. Before you finish reading this blog post, five more people will have lost their health care coverage. Nationwide, 44 million people have no health insurance, and 80 percent of those without coverage come from working families. Under President Bush, 4 million more Americans lost their coverage, average health care costs have gone up nearly 50 percent, and premiums have gone up more than three times faster than average wages. For many, these statistics are appalling, but not surprising, because we have seen our friends and family struggle with too little health care. We understand their fear of losing it altogether. Or we ourselves have fought for better coverage at the bargaining table, or have had to walk the picket line for it. But the bottom line is nobody should have to choose between paying the bills and getting prescription drugs. And nobody should have to forgo treatment because they won’t be able to put food on the table. It’s a national problem. We need a national solution. It’s going to take a national action to help achieve it. Find out more, and find an event near you, at the website here


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