Wal-Mart Watch: UFCW President Joseph Hansen makes his case for the struggle to organize Wal-Mart as a national cause: The UFCW sees Wal-Mart as not just a problem for the UFCW. We see it as a problem for all the workers in America. Wal-Mart claims to be about low prices, but when you look hard at what the company is, it's low wages, no benefits, high turnover. It's turning our economy into a Wal-Mart economy. We're going to have a low-wage, no-benefit economy, and we're slowly but surely, and in some cases not so slow, we're being driven down toward the bottom. It's not good for our country...people have to look at what those low costs bring. They bring lower wages and a lower tax base to the community. Wal-Mart shoves some of the services that other employers provide, particular health care, off onto the community. That's what you get with the low prices. You might save a dollar, but you're threatening your own job and you're certainly creating a worse situation for your own community.


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