Manmohan Singh is sworn in as India's first non-Hindu Prime Minister and the first from the Indian National Congress since Indira Gandhi: Singh, a notable economist, was designated prime minister after Sonia Gandhi -- who led the Congress Party in recent elections -- said she did not want the job. That decision created political chaos. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of her house earlier this week, chanting for her to take up the country's top political post. Congress Party leaders failed Wednesday to persuade Gandhi to reconsider her decision, party sources told CNN. Top members of Congress had resigned their party posts to put pressure on Gandhi to change her mind. But the Italian-born Gandhi stood by her decision, citing personal attacks on her heritage and Roman Catholic faith. Unable to change Gandhi's mind, the Congress Party unanimously elected Singh to be its leader. On Thursday, during his first address to the media as prime minister-designate, Singh called for humane economic reforms in India. "Reforms are needed, I've always said that, but economic reforms with a human face that give India's common man a real hope," said Singh. He also urged "most friendly relations with our neighbors, more so with Pakistan than with any other country...We must find ways and means to resolve all outstanding problems that have been a source of friction," he said.


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