Jack Ryan has unveiled a new strategy for his failing campaign against LWB-idol (a rarely-granted title if ever there was one) Barack Obama: dispatching a staffer to stalk him: It means Justin Warfel, armed with a handheld Panasonic digital camcorder, follows Obama to the bathroom door and waits outside. It means Warfel follows Obama as he moves from meeting to meeting in the Capitol. And it means Warfel tails Obama when he drives to his campaign office. "It's standard procedure to record public speeches and things like that," Obama told reporters as the bald, 20-something operative filmed away. "But to have someone who's literally following you a foot and a half away, everywhere you go, going into the restrooms, standing outside my office, sitting outside of my office asking my secretary where I am, seems to be getting a little carried away." My advice to the Obama campaign: View this as an organizing opportunity. Maybe there's hope that Warfel will waver yet.


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