Last night Yale President Richard Levin hosted the Yale undergraduate community at the second house the University provides him for such a event. Here's the "trick or treat" of which several copies showed up: Mr. Richard C. Levin 43 Hillhouse Avenue New Haven, CT 06520 NOTICE OF CLAIM OF LIEN The undersigned claimant hereby claims a lien under State Senate Bill No. 568 of the Civil Code of the State of Connecticut and hereby declares the following: 1. That a statement of claimant`s demand, after deducting all just credits and offsets, in the sum of $42,000 per month, for the remainder of Mr. Richard C. Levin’s life. 2. That the name of the owner[s], or reputed owner[s] of the property is [are]: Mr. Richard C. Levin, President of Yale University. Although he doesn’t really own it, but he might as well. 3. A general statement of the kind of work done or materials furnished by claimant, or both is: Fostering an environment of mutual respect and charitable relations. Payment is long past due by the claimant. [insert] 4. That the name[s] of the person[s] by whom claimant was employed or to whom claimant furnished the materials is [are]: Yale University, Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital, Yale School of Medicine. 5. A description of the property sought to be charged with the lien is: The official residence of the President of Yale University, 43 Hillhouse Avenue, in compensation for the houses of working people in New Haven put under lien by Yale Psychiatric Institute. At least Mr. Levin has someplace else to go. DATED: __October 31, 2003______________ Sincerely, The Future of New Haven

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